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Apr 6 2021

The pace and reach of digital technology innovation have been accelerating, impacting many aspects of business operations and customer experience. The pace of this change has presented companies with a challenge to select and adopt the relevant digital technology to differentiate themselves from the competition. To help companies in this digital journey, the Singapore Government has also been offering grants to facilitate a transition that is in line with their personalised requirements.

Many companies are prioritising adaptation of technology to enhance their business operations and revenue growth. Likewise, we too are evolving onto the technology bandwagon of providing electronic solution to our clients and are proud to present CS8 by CorpServe, our very own cloud-based secretarial solution.

A Recap of the existing Secretarial Service Processes

For many companies, they are continuing to live with legacy manual secretarial service processes, from the photocopying of invoices and documentation, processing of secretarial filings and filing hard copies of resolutions. When there’s a need to refer to these documents or make mandatory filings to ACRA, IRAS or other governmental authorities, staff members are likely to make a trip to the filing cabinets.

Unlike accounting and payroll documents, statutory documents will continue to be relevant so long as a company continues to be active. The downside of manual processes is that these hard copies may be misplaced or unwittingly destroyed during events such as office re-locations. If this happens, this may potentially be a big headache for companies especially when signed statutory documents are involved. 


The Value Proposition of a Digital Compliance Solution

The premise of a cloud-based secretarial solution is simple: technology addresses several of the headaches associated with manual secretarial service processes, where your critical documents and information are stored in a secure network. In particular, CS8 by CorpServe delivers the following benefits for your company:  

We understand that it is sometimes hard to forecast the usage of secretarial service. CS8 ‘pay-as-you-use’ model helps your company to better manage secretarial service cost by raising trackable resolution requests online. In addition, CS8 is subscription-based and supports secure online payment as well as auto-renewal of subscription. 


CS8 is developed by our team which has extensive corporate secretarial experience. This helps us to tailor our services to partner companies at various stages of growth. Our experienced and friendly team stands ready to deploy and maintain this electronic solution as well as provide advisory support to provide your company with additional peace of mind.

Convenience & Accessibility:

Through a single login, CS8 allows upload, download and access to information as well as documents relating to your company and subsidiaries at any time. This information on the go boosts your team’s process efficiency and transparency as you may also choose to instantaneously receive notifications upon certain actions, e.g. upload of a new document.

Regulatory Smart Alerts:

CS8 prompts your company ahead of time to meet statutory requirements that are time-sensitive. For example, your staff will be prompted about the relevant statutory deadlines and reduce the risk of an inadvertent lapse due to human error.


CS8 by Corpserve incorporates best practices gleaned from the Stone Forest group’s 30 years of corporate secretarial experience. By design, our cloud based secretarial service is a unique and flexible pay-as-you-use solution that is committed to growing with your company at each stage of business growth. In addition, CS8 leverages on technology to go beyond traditional secretarial service to create business value such as greater accessibility to statutory documents and system-triggered prompts to eliminate inadvertent lapses due to human errors.



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