Webinar: Starting Up - What you need to know to Start Right

May 21 2021
Stone Forest
Start Up Start Right!

Start Up, Start Right!

Whether you are new to business or have been running your start up or small business, join us at this webinar to find out the essentials to starting right.

Our objective at this webinar is to help you start right on a profitable and sustainable entrepreneurship journey.  We will share the essentials you need to know to starting up and running a business, some good practices to adopt, and some common mistakes to avoid. This includes learning the importance of entering into a shareholders’ agreement in protecting you, and reducing the risk of costly and damaging disputes down the road.

Event details:


Starting Up - What you need to know to Start Right


8 July 2021, Thursday


3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Webinar Outline:
  • Setting Up Essentials
    by Sally Yap, Director, Corporate Services, Stone Forest
  • Employee & Payroll Matters
    by Vanitha Raj, Director, HR & Payroll Services, Stone Forest
  • Accounting & Tax Compliance Matters
    by Yang Li Lian, Director, Accounting Services , Stone Forest
  • Shareholder Agreements
    by Sara Liew, Equity Director, Central Chambers Law Corporation
  • Overcoming common hurdles of a Startup journey
    by Jeremy Chan, Assistant Vice President, UOB Business Banking BizSmart
  • Live Q&A session


Email us at info@stoneforest.com.sg or call 6594 7953 should you have any questions concerning registration.

The organisers reserve the right to change the venue, date and programme due to circumstances beyond our control.


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