Never Lose Sight of Your Compliance

In today's complicated and highly regulated economy, compliance is absolutely critical.

Non-compliance may result in unnecessary penalties, especially when you manage a group of entities. Another major challenge that many companies face is having a voluminous number of records that require extensive record-keeping. This can often get can get complicated and inconvenient over time.

CS8 is a dedicated digital platform, designed by corporate secretarial practitioners, to help you manage your secretarial functions. Shift your organisation to a proactive compliance approach to meet the ever-changing regulations and expectations. With CS8, you can implement robust corporate governance policies and meet critical deadlines in a timely manner.

CS8 - Your Digital Corporate Secretarial Service

CS8 comes with a host of features that can help you better manage the corporate secretarial function of your business entities.

With over 35 years of corporate secretarial experience, we understand the growing pain of businesses and constantly keep ourselves abreast of the latest regulatory changes to support your business needs.

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Go digital with us and enjoy the conveniences CS8 can bring: 

Cloud-based document depository

Cloud-based document depository

Paperless method which allows for easy storage and access of documents.

Record management

Record management

Systematic storage and centralising of your company's resolutions and documents for easy retrieval, saving you time and effort.

Borderless 24/7 access

Borderless 24/7 access

Access your documents anytime and anywhere without any worries.

Seamless document tool

Seamless Document Tool

Helps you generate resolutions such as the holding of the Annual General Meeting, Appointment of Officers, Declaration of Dividend, Transfer of Share and Allotment of shares to new shareholders.

Helps you generate your Company’s Registers.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

 Automated reminders to ensure you do not miss the filing deadline for Annual Returns

And more! You can now quickly determine your compliance status in real-time and prioritise your compliance effort.

Go Digital with Us!

With CS8, you can manage compliance with ease. To know more about our digital corporate secretarial service, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.



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