What is a VCC?

The Variable Capital Company (VCC) is a much awaited new corporate structure for investment funds constituted under the Variable Capital Companies Act which took effect on 14 January 2020. It is highly flexible and can accommodate the creation of sub-funds with either open-ended or closed-ended fund strategies for retail and non-retail funds. The introduction of VCC into the asset management market will further augment Singapore as a global financial centre.

Key benefits of a VCC

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Greater flexibility in the issuance and redemption of shares, and payment of dividends out of capital; giving fund managers flexibility to meet dividend payment obligations.

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Enhanced safeguards with the segregation of assets and liabilities in each sub-fund.

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Improved operational and tax efficiency.

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Register of members and financial statements need not be made public.

Requirements to maintain a VCC


The key requirements are

  • The name of the VCC must contain the words “VCC”
  • It must have a Singapore registered office
  • A qualified fund manager
  • A resident director
  • A qualified secretary
  • An appointed auditor

How can we help?

As your Trusted Specialist, we help you build a strong governance framework and ensure you remain compliant. We advise and provide guidance to help you set up your VCC, ensure annual compliance, manage share-related transactions and liaise with ACRA on the relevant filings.

What we can offer

  • Setting up of your VCC.
  • Maintenance of your VCC.
    • Advising your board and shareholders on governance and compliance matters.
    • Advising on the regulatory filing requirements.
    • Acting as the Registered Filing Agent of your VCC.
    • Provision of Registered Office Address.
    • Assisting with share-related transactions such as share issuance, share redemption and share transfer.
    • Assisting with corporate transactions such as registration of charge, declaration of dividends, and amendment of constitution etc.
    • Maintenance of statutory records.
  • Closing down of your VCC.

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Managing a fund is often complex. With the right compliance and advisory support, you can focus on strategising and growing your portfolio value, and increasing your investors' wealth.

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