Not-for-Profit Organisations

While many not-for-profits excel in their primary roles and activities, they often struggle to keep abreast of relevant rules and regulations applicable to Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) due to limited resources dedicated to these necessary functions.

In light of events that drew public attention to mismanagement issues and lack of governance in charities and religious organisations, not-for-profits are now under greater scrutiny with the implementation of tighter regulatory requirements and increased transparency demands.

Dealing with Unique Challenges

Charged with juggling these new responsibilities, not-for-profits are forced to operate in a leaner manner and find more efficient ways to deploy manpower. This has resulted in a sharp rise in demand for experienced partners to alleviate strain and keep operations running smoothly.

Focus on your mission while we manage your operations

tight budget
Tight Budgets

Running on tight budgets, many not-for-profits often seek goodwill support from volunteers to perform administrative tasks, which include accounting and compliance needs.

talent acquisition
Talent Acquisition and Retention

Not-for-profits could consider using contract staff as short-term solution when needing specialised skills to deal with unexpected challenges. Working with a partner that understands staffing needs and requirements could certainly be helpful.

error free
Risk of Error

Some not-for-profits may be using manual systems, relying on spreadsheets to track and record transactions. In such situations, the risk of errors can be high. 

corporate governance
Corporate Governance

Weak governance frameworks and internal processes may result in ineffective performance and non-compliance.

lack of expertise
Lack of expertise

Volunteer book-keepers may not be equipped with the necessary skillsets and operational continuity to fulfil this role sufficiently. 

RSM Stone Forest

Our not-for-profit team has been serving the sector for more than a decade. As a leader in serving this sector, we understand the importance of accountability, transparency, and proper governance.

The Board of Directors of a charity should be prudent and not expose their charitable assets to significant risk. When assessing the significance of risks, the board should consider the following factors:

Resources and future plans

Nature of the business, the charity's focus on the business and the business environment

Viability and sustainability of the business

The assessment of risk will involve an element of judgement on the part of the charity board members

Peace of mind while improving efficiency

Any size
Any size

Any sector
Any sector

Any revenue size
Any revenue size

How we support

As advisors to the Board and its members, we help charities build a strong governance framework and ensure they remain compliant. 

Having in place a strong governance framework and  best practices are essential for the effective performance and operation of a charity. This also allows the Board to focus on the furtherance of the charity’s objects. 

We are committed to helping you stretch every dollar, improve the public’s trust, and meet board financial and tax reporting requirements.

accounting and tax
Accounting and Tax

arrow-iconRoutine accounting

arrow-iconAdministrative services (collections / payment / donation receipt / TDR / NTD)

arrow-iconFund reporting

arrow-iconPreparation for audit

arrow-iconGST accounting & tax compliance

arrow-iconCash flow projections

arrow-iconGrant compliance, budget analysis

Formation and compliance
Formation, Compliance & Advisory

arrow-iconPlanning and registration of a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)

arrow-iconCharity & IPC status application

arrow-iconReview and drafting of governing documents

arrow-iconConversion of society to company

staffing solutions
Staffing Solutions

arrow-iconContract staff


arrow-iconEmployment pass

payroll and HR
Payroll & HR services

arrow-iconManaged payroll, leave & claims

arrow-iconHR compliance review

arrow-iconHR work pass management

arrow-iconHR Academy

arrow-iconOnline HR systems

IT solutions

arrow-iconManaged IT – AvailEase

arrow-icon  Technology Consulting

arrow-iconDonation / Volunteer / Patient Management


arrow-iconData analysis

We track pressing trends and challenges encountered by not-for-profits and assess the implications for our clients. Combining in-depth knowledge with technical expertise, we deliver holistic solutions with real-world practicality.

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