Our mission is to strive to be the best accounting and business consultancy group to provide the highest standards of service to our clients, through working hand-in-hand with them to achieve their growth and prosperity. We aim to add value to their businesses, thereby contributing to the growth of the business community. To achieve this, we continue to build our core of professionals with people of high integrity and capability. We aim for sheer excellence in all that we do.


Our Values—7Ps

Our firm’s reputation is built on technical competence, proactive client servicing and a commitment to uncompromising integrity, professionalism and high standards of service.

The 7Ps form an integral part of our value system, being the guiding principle of our service delivery. They refer to:

Our value includes Passion, Proactive, Practical, Personal, Perseverance, Progressive & Professional 


This is the core of our value system—the passion to want to help growing businesses, and to excel in whatever we do for the benefit of our clients.



We do not believe in textbook solutions. We are involved with the client in the implementation of our recommendations, which are guided by practicality and cost-effectiveness.



Solutions are not always straightforward for challenges facing growing businesses. We adopt a dogged attitude and will explore all avenues to help clients overcome their difficulties or achieve set objectives. We hand-hold and help them through all odds.



We uphold the reputation of the profession and the company through proper conduct and quality work at all times. Our commitment to quality was further endorsed in 1997 when we were ISO certified, being the first accounting firm in Singapore to do so. The certification reinforces and embeds quality into our operations and way of life.



We make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. We tap into our expertise and experience to anticipate issues and problems for clients.



Clients should feel free to talk to us, anytime. We offer a higher level of managerial and partner attention.



Keeping up-to-date with work methodologies, knowledge and skills is key to our HR development policy.