Expand your business into Singapore

Singapore has been consistently ranked amongst the most preferred countries for finance, business, and commerce. This is mainly due to its strategic location, pro-business environment, and stable political climate. However, setting up businesses in Singapore is not without its unique challenges. By opting for Employer of Record (“EOR”) services, you can transfer HR related liabilities and responsibilities to the EOR, thus minimising tax exposures of your overseas ventures and grow your business fast.

When should you use EOR services?

Why EOR in singapore

One-stop EOR Solution

We will handle your HR related matters such as payroll and HR advisory, work pass applications, and administer employee benefits to give you a peace of mind so you will be able to tackle new markets and customers, and not be encumbered by the complexity of regulatory obligations in various jurisdictions.

As an EOR, we will help you to source and hire employees in accordance with Singapore’s labour regulations, and onboard your Singapore workforce. We will also assist you to draft employment contracts and manage your employees’ payroll, claims and expenses, while you still have full control and autonomy over your employees.

Benefits of partnering us



Remain in Compliance

Stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and minimise risk of non-compliance



Grow Your Business

Expand into new markets confidently and grow your business fast



Professional Expertise

Tap into the experience of our HR and payroll specialists and work with trusted advisors to support your business needs



Free Up Your Time

Leave the critical business functions to us so that you can focus on running your business




Lower your payroll-processing and related accounting costs



Engage Qualified Candidates

Partner our experienced recruiters to hire the right candidates for your employment needs

Support in China

We also offer EOR  services in China. Entering into a new market, especially in China, can be complex and risky. With more than 15 years’ of experience operating in China, we can help you navigate local laws and regulations, and penetrate new markets at low risk.

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Working with an EOR can relieve your company of many of the employment-related responsibilities and risks that comes with running a business and hiring of employees.