Professional Employment Services in APAC

Professional Employment Services in APAC

Our one-stop PES solution  

Our Professional Employment Services (“PES”) supports companies in their pre-market entry so that they can enter into new markets faster and more effectively.

We handle HR related matters such as payroll, work pass applications, and employee benefits, giving you the peace of mind to tackle new markets and customers, and not be encumbered by the complexity of regulatory obligations in various jurisdictions.

Backed by a team of certified professionals from specialised domains, we are well-positioned to address your unique business needs, and help you penetrate new markets with ease.



Benefits of engaging our PES team

  • High-quality HR services: Companies can expect better quality hires, with higher retention rate and lower turnover rate
  • Compliance expertise: Payroll calculation and staff benefit policies differ from city to city in China. We are able to advise foreign companies on local employment laws, and help them minimise the need to handle complex payroll process of different cities
  • Reduced costs: Minimise costs in administering payroll and staff benefits, and costs incurred by staff turnover
  • Data security: We maintain staff data with utmost security and confidentiality
  • Streamlined expansion into new markets: Entering into a new market, especially China, can be complex and risky. SBA Stone Forest has been offering business advisory services to internationally active companies for the past 20 years. You can engage our team of experts in major cities for business support in legal, accountancy, tax, and corporate compliance matters. We can support you at different stages of your business cycle, including transition into a wholly owned subsidiary on a solid foundation.

Our suite of services

Employer Services

  • Sign offer letters and go through the Labour Contract Employee Handbook with new staff
  • Conduct staff orientation
  • Manage monthly payroll services
  • Manage staff benefits and Individual Income Tax related services
  • Handle HR cost disbursement
  • Handle other employee related benefits

Expatriate Services

  • Work Pass and Resident Pass related applications, renewals, transfers, and updates and cancellations
  • Drafting of employment letter
  • Relocation arrangements (e.g. children’s education)
  • Expatriate Individual Income Tax planning
  • Training for Chinese Proficiency Test or HSK Training
  • Manage expatriate advanced benefits

Risk Management Services

  • Staff termination
  • Severance pay calculation
  • Staff dismissal interview
  • Labour disputes settlement
  • PRC labour law and regulations advisories
  • HR and tax advisories

Corporate Advisory & Staff Transfer Services

  • Entity setup and registration
  • Seals and licenses custody and maintenance
  • Opening of company related accounts
  • Staff transfers and long-service acknowledgement

Why SBA Stone Forest

Why SBA Stone Forest

SBA Stone Forest (“SBASF”) brings the best in class practices and in-depth knowledge garnered over more than 20 years of experience in delivering business solutions: CFO services, Accounting & Advisory, Payroll & HR Advisory, and Corporate Secretarial & Advisory.

With more than six offices in China, 320 staff strength, and global reach of over 592 locations in 85 countries through our affiliation with Allinial Global, we are well-positioned to help foreign businesses set up in China, navigate the regulatory and business environments, and help Chinese enterprises internationalise.

Service Advantage

  • Local China team with expertise in Legal, Accounting, Tax, and HR functions
  • In-house legal entities in greater China and APAC countries
  • High compliance and data security standards
  • Serve both clients and their staff
  • Quality control and service assurance

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