Whether you are venturing into international markets for the first time or already have an established presence, we provide tailored global payroll solutions to suit your needs.

Your Trusted Advisors in China

Streamlined global labour-cost accounting, with cross-border RMB payment capabilities, offers cost-effective solutions.

Thorough management of global employees, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and EU GDPR regulations. 

Our payroll services employ a SaaS model for centralised management across regions, featuring flexible configurations and real-time dashboard analysis support.

global payroll solutions


Are you facing these challenges as you expand globally?

  • How to efficiently hire employees before establishing your company legally?
  • How to handle compensation and benefits for overseas employees once your company is established?

At SBA Stone Forest, we specialise in supporting your HR needs with unified cross-regional management as your company goes international.


Our Solutions:

  • Global Employment Services

    We assist companies in hiring local employees, ensuring smooth onboarding usually within a two-week timeframe, while bypassing complex company establishment procedures. This not only reduces costs but also enhances efficiency during the transitional phase of entering new markets, facilitating the expansion of companies’ overseas operations.

  • Global Payroll Services

    By leveraging an HCM one-stop platform system, we integrate various HR management modules with a unified multilingual interface. This helps clients achieve centralised information management of HR and payroll in the Asia-Pacific region.