Small and medium sized enterprises in Hong Kong often face challenges when it comes to processing monthly payroll and managing human resource (“HR”) related matters. The lack of expertise and unfamiliarity with local regulatory requirements may increase risks of incompliance. 

In addition, payroll and HR administrations are time consuming, taking up time which could otherwise be spent focusing on strategic and human resource development. So why not focus on your core business and outsource your payroll and HR administrations to a reliable and trusted payroll service provider, which can provide a host of payroll services that meets your needs? 

Established in 2001, our organisation is highly experienced in payroll. We have been serving companies in major cities of mainland China and Hong Kong. With deep local knowledge and best industry practices, our payroll team of specialists can customise solutions that meet your specific requirements, freeing you time for core business development. 

We are also SSAE 18 certified. This compliant status is a testimony of the high-quality controls and safeguards we put in place to preserve absolute confidentiality of our clients’ data. 

Gain all the benefits from outsourcing your payroll and HR functions



Reduce cost
Avoid costly technology investments and reliance on internal resources 


Boost employee productivity
Reduce time and cost associated with your staff working on administrative work and elevate their role to focus on strategic activities


Increase accuracy and compliance
Receive reliable HR support and achieve accurate, timely payroll execution


Continuous improvements
Continuous benefits strategy to attract and retain good talents for your company

How we help? 

Payroll & benefits administration services

These are the most commonly outsourced human resource functions. They include monthly payroll processing as well as the calculation of monthly employer and employees' Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) contributions to the relevant organisations. 

We assist businesses in the following areas: 

  • Payroll calculation and payments
  • MPF enrolments
  • Completion of MPF contribution procedures
  • e-payslip self-service
  • Personnel file maintenance/update
  • Hiring and resignation procedures


HR administration & consulting services
Human resources administration can be time consuming. An experienced HR outsourcing company can help you take care of your continuous human resources needs so you can free up time to focus on making a difference in your business. We assist businesses in the following areas:

  • Maintenance of personnel records
  • Leave management service
  • Completion and submission of Employer’s Tax Returns
  • Advice on employment regulations
  • Employment contract management
  • Standard templates of essential employment documents
  • Administration of Housing Reimbursement Scheme
  • Administration of Commercial Insurance Scheme
  • Administration of Employment Insurance
  • Employee health check
  • Employee database/HR cost report
  • Work visa application for expatriates

Human resource advisory

We offer companies invaluable HR advisory on an affordable retainer or project basis. Our clients have benefited from our in-depth advice on best practices and employment regulations. With the regulatory environment getting more complicated, it is good to know that you are in compliance with the local legislation. Our HR advisors are committed to partner our clients across various industries to attract and retain good talents, and build effective infrastructure in the HR function.

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