With regulations like China's Personal Information Protection Law and Cross-border Control of Personal Information, more companies are looking to create local HR information systems in China for better compliance management.

Digital transformation is crucial for companies to strengthen their core competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth. We assist HR and management in setting up their HR network, providing support throughout employees' careers. Our focus is on compliance, digitalisation, and efficiency, enabling HR to focus on talent deployment and overall operational enhancement.


Your Trusted Advisors in China

We handle HR information systems from start to finish, integrating detailed employee profiles across six key modules and analyzing data comprehensively.

We manage online information systems and offer personalised one-on-one services both online and offline for your business. 

Get real-time updates on national policies, reduce labour risks, and perform unlimited salary calculations with ease, including multi-scenario and multi-batch options, and one-click tax declaration.


Are you struggling with these concerns?

  • How to Achieve compliance management as required by the Personal Information Protection Law?
  • How to Optimise costs and set up an online human resources information management system?
  • How to Present timely statistical data to support analytical decision-making?
  • How to Efficiently deploy various HR processes to improve employees’ experience?


Our Solutions:

  • HRIS Implementation and Payroll Services: 
Assisting clients in launching HRIS systems for online management of HR modules, while also managing their monthly salary operations.

  • Comprehensive HR outsourcing services
Managing company HR processes, payroll, leave, reimbursements, employee benefits, performance, training, and organisational effectiveness analysis through the SBA system platform.