Tax compliance in China is often a major hurdle for foreign enterprises, with tax laws in Chinese and vast differences in tax treatment, filing and payment procedures, depending on the business activity and location of business. Having a reliable tax agent can save you significant time and money as well as the hassle of navigating the complex tax systems and regulatory framework.

Firstly, businesses need to distinguish the tax administrative bodies that they have to deal with, for example, the state tax bureau on corporate income taxes and the local tax bureau on individual income taxes.

We can guide you through the maze and avoid late filings and inconsistencies in reporting, which can attract penalties and surcharges.


  • Monthly / quarterly corporate income tax and turnover tax filing
  • Annual corporate income tax assessment
  • Transfer pricing documentation preparation


  • Monthly individual income tax (“IIT”) filing
  • IIT backlog filing
  • Annual IIT assessment
  • Tax registration for stock option income, IIT calculation and filing

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