This calls for an in-depth knowledge of local tax laws and cross-border tax considerations. An understanding of how your business can tap any incentives and grants offered by various governments or benefit from tax treaties of various jurisdictions is as crucial.

Structuring your investment properly will ensure tax efficiency and proper income repatriation. Our tax advisory division can help you structure your overseas investments to optimise your tax position so as to minimise tax liabilities and manage your tax risks worldwide.

Such international tax planning strategies will require experienced country-specific tax professionals to collaborate and work together to address clients’ unique requirements and provide cross-border tax solutions.

Through our International network, we work with tax professionals around the world to provide seamless tax planning strategies and solutions to internationally active businesses.

Tax Consultation and Planning

  • Non-trade overseas payment service
  • Application for value-added tax exemption
  • Application for high & new technological enterprise
  • Assistance on tax liquidation

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Tax planning for enterprise restructuring
  • Tax planning for share transfer
  • Tax due diligence

Transfer Pricing

  • Transfer pricing planning
  • Tax efficiency value chain management
  • Advance pricing arrangement

International Tax

  • Tax planning for overseas investment
  • Tax planning for profit repatriation

Tax and Customs Dispute Management

  • Tax and transfer pricing audit defense
  • Customs dispute resolution
  • Mutual agreement procedure


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