Driving your business growth globally through our international network 

With abundant growth opportunities emerging in global markets, Chinese companies are increasingly eyeing expansion overseas to unlock greater business potential. The "Going Global" trend is propelling many Chinese firms to venture abroad, aiming to introduce products/services, capture market share, and access new technologies on an international scale.

However, venturing into foreign markets involves inherent risks across financial, operational, credit, compliance, and reputational dimensions. Understanding these risks and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations are imperative for navigating unfamiliar territories and avoiding potential pitfalls. Furthermore, grasping local culture and business practices, along with swiftly adapting to regulatory environments, are foundational elements for a successful overseas expansion journey.

Our China Business Advisory division stands ready to facilitate your global business growth. Leveraging our extensive experience in overseas investments, profound knowledge of China's outbound policies, and robust global network, we are equipped to help you seize overseas growth opportunities while mitigating risks. Our comprehensive global expansion advisory service offers a holistic solution encompassing Advisory, Implementation, and Compliance, ensuring a seamless and successful expansion journey for your business.


Our China Outbound Advisory services include:


  •       Strategic Planning
    -       Global Shareholding Structure Planning
    -       Group Entities Functional Positioning & Optimisation
    -       Group Management Mechanism Setup  
  •  Equity and Investment
    -       Investment Planning 
    -       Transaction Consulting
    -       Equity Appreciation 



  •       Approval and Filing
    -       ODI Application
  •  Incorporation and Initial Set-up
    -       Local Company Establishment
    -       Local Bank Account Opening
    -       Cross-border ERP Solution > Accounting & Payroll 
    -       Internal Control Policy and SOP Setup    



  •       Compliance and Reporting
    -       Accounting & Advisory Services
    -       Tax & Advisory Services
    -       HR & Payroll Advisory Services
    -       Enterprise Secretary Services
    -       Audit Services
    -       Treasury Management
    -       Distribution of Local Profits
  •  Talent Management 
    -       Global Mobility Work Arrangements for Management
    -       Overseas Work Identity Applications
    -       Salary Plan Construction & Bonus Design
    -       Dual Job Arrangements & Personal Income Tax Planning
    -       Equity Incentive Plans 
    -       Family Offices